Another Developer Treats PC Gamers As Second Class Citizens

I love racing games. All racing games. Simulations like Gran Turismo, Project CARS, Assetto Corsa etc. Semi-realistic arcade racers like Forza Motorsport and especially its spin-offs series Forza Horizon (even that game's latest released managed to be on PC day one). Futuristic racers like Wipeout, F-Zero and Fast Racing NEO. Kart racers¬†like Mario Kart and... Continue Reading →

Is Microsoft Stepping Out From Console Market?

It was the¬†rough year 2016 for Microsoft's console business. They have been canceling games left and right and now first thing in 2017 they do is they cancel probably the biggest and most anticipated Xbox One game of 2017 the Platinum Games developed Scalebound.     Are they expecting anyone to actually buy the Xbox... Continue Reading →

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