Exclusivity In PC Gaming Is Bullshit

[This article was written three weeks ago but I haven’t got around to post it for reasons but here it is now]

We all know that the console gaming business model is more or less having must-have games only on your platform to drive platform sales. This is considered to be OK by most gamers. Because these are purely games published by any respected platform holder by themselves. Without them, these games wouldn’t exist at all. That’s okay.

When it’s bullshit then? Well, when a game by a third party studio is bought to be exclusively on one platform forever or any given time period which is usually a one year. A game that would have been on all platforms if such a deal wasn’t made. This has been happened usually only on consoles or not on this console and PC, until now.

Now we have a new player in PC gaming town throwing money around, dat sweet ass Fortnite money, yeah you guessed it. The Epic Games with their newly launched Epic Game Store starting the PC gaming civil war and deploying console tactics.

There are two big games coming out only on Epic’s store soon. One being The Division 2 by Ubisoft (the game is still available on Ubisoft’s own Uplay of course) and 4A Games developed and Deep Silver published Metro Exodus that has been way more in spotlight last few days.

It’s less of a problem with The Division 2 because the game isn’t actually exclusively on Epic Store on PC because it’s also available on Uplay. So, if you buy a key from some key shop you are more than likely going to get a Uplay key anyway. Needless to say nothing is going to change for you. This only affects you if you planned to buy it from Steam and nowhere else than Steam. Then you are shit out of luck in this case too.

Metro Exodus though is only available on Epic Store for the first year of its release and was pulled from Steam mere two weeks before its release. That’s some horseshit. Even though, if you already pre-ordered (which you shouldn’t ever do, hehe) on Steam that will be respected and you’ll get the game on Steam and all its future content. But if you on the other decided to be a smart consumer and wait for reviews and don’t pre-order games you are shit out of luck. Your options are to bite the bullet and buy on Epic Store which might be the ghost town sooner than later, wait one year for the Steam release or by the inferior console version.

Some of you may say buy the retail version aka physical copy (whatever that’s worth these days when talking about PC games) and problem solved. Well, if you know how the physical copies on PC work these days you’d know all you get is the install disc (if you are lucky) and a key to activate your game on a service, usually Steam. The publisher already confirmed that physical copies will have an Epic Store key, not a Steam key. I don’t know if there are retail boxes with Steam keys out there. But most likely you’ll get the Epic key this way.

This is bullshit and greedy tactic to grow your platform that will only make gamers angry. Especially PC gamers who don’t get to pushed around by big companies. You should compete by offering better features and prices to consumers than the competition and by buying games with big money to be only on your platform as a hostage. You clearly are willing to invest the money to grow your platform, why not do it right instead? That what perplexes me.

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