What Happened to Bethesda?

Long time no sees, I apologize! Let’s get to it. So, Bethesda has made a little mess for themselves in the past couple of weeks with their latest installment of beloved Fallout franchise Fallout 76! The online and multiplayer only incarnation of the popular video game series.

Even though the game itself is sub-par in every imaginable way that’s not all they have been under negative light lately for. There has been a backlash with their refund policy when purchasing games via their own online platform. It has come very clear why or at least what was the biggest reason they decided not to put Fallout 76 on Steam which has very consumer friendly refund policy nowadays.

Steam’s refund policy allows you to get a full refund of the game that has been purchased less than 14 days earlier and played under 2 hours, no questions asked. I managed to actually refund one game some time ago even though I had “owned” the game almost three months but I had only played it 30 minutes or so. You can see how this would have gone for the Bethesda if they put a broken game as Fallout 76 to the Steam, at least for now.

They made a little mess replying one their customers about the refund he requested due to the game being non-functional, he couldn’t connect to his friends in-game etc. and requested a refund and at first, it seemed he was going to get one. Until he got later reply where Bethesda denied him from getting it due he had downloaded the game. DOWNLOADED THE GAME! How should you know if the game works or not if you cannot download it? See the screenshot below.


Another mess came from the collector’s edition of the game named Power Armor Edition that was falsely advertised. Among other things, this 200 dollar edition of the game was advertised to include a high quality (or at least higher than the customers eventually received) canvas duffel bag. Well, buyers of Power Armor Edition didn’t receive a nice canvas bag but instead cheap nylon trash bag without any notice from Bethesda that they had changed this one item in the Power Armor Edition.


When customers started to reach Bethesda about this situation they received vague replies and statements that they are not going to do anything about it. Kinda like “deal with it” situation. Nice way to treat your paying customers and highest paying customers for that matter. You can see one of the responses below.


You’d think all this is bad enough already? Yeah, well, it isn’t all! To compensate angry Power Armor Edition owners Bethesda put the little tweet out that where they apologized (at least they did that) and offered 500 Atoms for those who would deliver proof of purchase to them. 500 Atoms you ask? Atoms are Bethesda made fantasy money that can be spent on their in-game microtransaction store in Fallout 76 and 500 of that fantasy money is worth about $5.

What an opportunistic and pathetic way to compensate victims of false marketing. As you can imagine the internet didn’t take this very well and Bethesda dug themselves in a deeper hole if that wasn’t deep enough already.

Finally this morning (my local time) Bethesda has come out with a proper compensation for the buyers of the Power Armor Edition and that is the actual canvas duffel bag that was advertised. Was it that hard first time around? What suddenly happened to the shortage of canvas materials needed to make the bag?

If this was not bad enough itself little salt into wounds in all this was that the influencers who Bethesda invited to their Fallout 76 preview party received actually high-quality canvas back bags and images of these started to appear in social media. My point is that it’s really sad how these companies try to do all they can to get their influencers out there to say good things of their games, even if they are horribly broken like Fallout 76 is and then cheap out on actual customers and don’t give a fuck!

This is the video games industry in late 2018! Let’s see how the next year goes. The good thing is that consumers are starting to wake up and put in some resistance to these companies’ bullshit. What happened to Bethesda? One of the most liked developers in the industry. Maybe I should write next “what happened to Blizzard” while I’m back to this shit.

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  1. From the moment I saw it at E3 and the lackluster enthusiasm there was for it, I knew that Fallout 76 was going to be less-than-ideal. But I NEVER imagined that it would stink so hard! Are they trying to be the new EA? Because it’s working!


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