Konami Is Now Selling You Save Slots #FucKonami

Konami.Oh Konami, you done fucked it up! Who would have guessed?! So, what I’m ranting about this time? It’s simple really, Konami is now charging you money for basic functionality in their latest game that carries no other name than very beloved Metal Gear. I’m not going into the backstory of Hideo Kojima and Konami and what happened a few years ago when Kojima left Konami.

The thing is, Konami developed the first original Metal Gear game after Kojima not being the head of the project anymore and of course it was going to be a disaster. What Konami should have done instead is trying to win players back by making a quality game (which Metal Gear Survive is not) and not try to milk players for every single penny they are worth.

So, Metal Gear Survive has microtransactions in it, big deal, right? Most AAA games have those these days, right? Yeah, sure, but in this case, they went full retard with them. First of all Metal Gear Survive costs 40€ before you can even get to play it at all and after that, the game is riddled with microtransactions like some free to play mobile-game and the most infamous offender at this point must be the fact that they charge 10€ for the second save slot.


Metal Gear Survive costs 40 fucking euros to get in, it shouldn’t have the basic functionality of a video game behind the paywall.


Think about it, you started the game without knowing how to play and wanted to reroll but still wanted to keep your original character just because you put all those hours in it and maybe you want to continue it at the later time. In most games, especially in those that cost you money to get in this is no problem, you just start another character on another save slot but not in Metal Gear Survive, here you have to dish out another ten bucks to have the privilege to do so. That’s kinda ridiculous really. The basic functionality of a video game is behind the paywall and not even mentioning the numerous other ways the game is reaching to your pocket after the fact.

Metal Gear Survive is simply put disgrace and you should stay away as far away from it as humanly possible. That’s the only way to vote against the further monetization of a premium game. Now they want 10€ for a save slot, what in five years? Five bucks for saving your game? It’s our responsibility stop this before it gets even worse. If you support this behavior, you are the number one problem in modern video games industry, you are the reason why they do this. You let them! Stop it! Fuck Konami!

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