Another Developer Treats PC Gamers As Second Class Citizens

I love racing games. All racing games. Simulations like Gran Turismo, Project CARS, Assetto Corsa etc. Semi-realistic arcade racers like Forza Motorsport and especially its spin-offs series Forza Horizon (even that game’s latest released managed to be on PC day one). Futuristic racers like Wipeout, F-Zero and Fast Racing NEO. Kart racers like Mario Kart and Crash Team Racing. Also games like Motorstorm series or Burnout series and this article’s focus Onrush represents that subgenre of racing games.

So, what is Onrush? I don’t even know if I should give this game any publicity but I just got too triggered not to when I learned it will come to my preferred gaming platform PC, eventually! And that’s some bitter horseshit to swallow. Yeah, where was I? Onrush is an arcade-style semi-futuristic racing game where you can race in eight different classes, much like in Motorstorm series, this is the actual Motorstorm and Driveclub developers after all, who happens to be now at Codemasters and that’s where my wonder about focusing only consoles at least on start comes from. Codemasters usually release on PC day one as any self-respecting developer/publisher should. Hell, amazing rally simulation DiRT Rally started purely on PC platform. PC players made that game happen! So, why Onrush will be console only, for now? Sure, the actual developers have a long history developing for consoles only as being part of Sony’s Worldwide Studios for years. But to me, that’s just a lame ass excuse!

At the end of the day, I understand they want to concentrate making the best possible experience for consoles first but why consoles first? Why not make a best possible game for PC first where there are fewer restrictions and then port console what they can handle? Or just simply develop your game in parallel for all platforms? You could make a statement “we want to make the PC version the best it can be and take our time with it”. Yes, the good old excuse that has no weight at all, at least not anymore. Too many developers just have said that in recent years and the result is still a shitty PC version. I could maybe, maybe understand this if the PC version really was up to bar in the end but usually, it isn’t. So, I’d rather take it now.

There could be one solution to gamers like me who appreciate the good and steady frame-rates over anything else and wants to customize the experience for personal need. For example, I want to turn the motion blur and depth of field effect always off when it’s possible and even console games should offer this option. So, the solution would be that the console makers made consoles higher frame-rates in mind (and stop using outdated tablet CPUs FFS) and pushed the user-controlled experience. People are NOT that stupid that these companies think and for those who actually are, just put in the default settings but allow users who know better to unlock the menu with the big red warning that fiddling with these settings may cause game-breaking issues. Yeah, there’s that too, is this game even going to be “60 fps” on consoles, and quotation marks because even if it did it probably will have tons of frame-rate drops.

This may have come out harshly and at this point, I’m reconsidering if I should even publish this but I already wrote it so I will and I’m going to write this kind of thing for every upcoming game that I’m interested to play that has delayed PC version. Monster Hunter World was one them but that boat already sailed. I have nothing against these developers, I just want this shit to stop.

It’s so frustrating being enthusiast level gamer sometimes. Don’t be peasant developer, stop treating PC gamers as a second-class citizen and PC gamers will treat you with the same courtesy.

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