Nintendo Labo! Another Free Pass For Nintendo

Oh, my, oh my. Looks like we have another free pass for big old N here! To those two people on the planet who still doesn’t know what Nintendo Labo is, it’s a new product Nintendo revealed a few days ago.

Nintendo Labo is sets of pre-cut cardboard cutouts that you assemble and then interact with it with your Nintendo Switch. You can watch the Labo trailer below. It has generated 7,3 million something views just in few days, so it’s without even saying clear that people are interested in it.

Even though most of the comments on that video is pretty negative, especially about the pricing of the Labo, there are always those few million Nintendo apologists breathing our air on the planet who takes everything in with happy face what Nintendo decides to fuck them with. Example of pricing, “Variety Kit” costs 70 US dollars and contains Switch software and five pieces of cardboard sets. Okay, there are five of them and all the designing of the sets etc. isn’t free but still at the end of the day it’s freaking cardboard! How about the durability of them? If they get wet for example, what happens? And even if these were aimed at kids it’s a bad idea. Kids handle things and toys very roughly, kids will rip cardboard apart in under 13 seconds!

Then again let’s forget that these are basically just toys for kids for a second, even though Nintendo was an actual toy company before they were a video game company but people expect video games and gaming hardware from them. And it should be without saying that cardboard cutouts are a big slap in the face for gamers.

I wonder how would people receive this announcement if it was from someone else than Nintendo? I’d like to know ho those menchildren Nintendo apologists with their thick ass nostalgia goggles would receive this if wasn’t Nintendo? I’d like to know how they would have received this if it was from Sony or Microsoft? Would still be great and innovative? Or is it so just because it’s Nintendo? Let’s face it, this is just another free pass for Nintendo.

But hey! Let the kids play with cardboard even if they are an age of 35! I’ll pass and go back to my video games. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice thing someone’s still trying to innovate but let’s be honest here, this is just another free pass for Nintendo and the suits at Nintendo knows it.

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