EA Removed Microtransactions from Battlefront II? Don’t Buy It Though

Even though this blog has been mostly about negative things happening in the gaming industry I have to say I’m glad I can report something positive happening in the gaming industry for once.

So, what’s happening? Electronic Arts or EA for short released their latest big-budget Star Wars game Battlefront II today and it has gone through a great deal of controversy about its microtransaction system and how the character progression in the game works. I don’t go into the great detail about the mechanics of the game itself. I’m just happy to see how we gamers and consumers can get our voices heard and get things done that benefits us. We just have to come together and say NO to these big faceless corporations who are trying suck everything they can out of us.


I have to remind you, though, that this is temporarily victory for us. EA is planning to reintroduce those in-game purchases a.k.a microtransactions a.k.a loot-boxes a.k.a lottery-boxes a.k.a gambling to this game at a later date when they have reworked the system to be fairer to the players. My advice would be still, do NOT buy the game. It’s not good enough until they are completely gone! Those mobile-game free to play premium business models has no business to be in a minimum purchase of 60 dollar game. Tiered purchase prices is another story for another day which we have to get rid of too.

We won the battle but we haven’t won the war. This is a bump in the right direction and I hope EA has learned something about this and other game companies have paid attention to this and plan their business accordingly.

Saying my vote doesn’t count and I don’t skip the game I want to play because millions will buy it anyway proved wrong today. We have a voice, we just have to use it and stop taking in everything they decide to fuck us with. I hope I can write more about positive things in the video games industry in the future too. Let’s keep together gamers!

Here’s the link to the official EA and DICE post: https://www.ea.com/games/starwars/battlefront/battlefront-2/news/pre-launch-update

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