Games Journalists Are Such A Pussies!

A game made by adults to be played by adults

– Naughty Dog, 2017

So, what is going on now? Well, there was Paris Games Week or PGW for short in the beginning of this November and Sony had a huge presence in it. They revealed a bunch of new games and showed us more some of previously revealed titles like Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man and Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Part II. The latter started some controversy apparently in video games media by so-called games journalists. Apparently, there are a bunch of pussies who couldn’t handle the mature subject matter of the trailer.

You can watch the new The Last of Us Part II trailer below if you haven’t seen it yet. So, you would know what we are going to talk about.

As you can see there are pretty brutal scenes in this trailer and violence towards women, although the guy gets his face impaled by an arrow and by none other but a woman. So, what are the complaints here?

First of all, there is this complaint that the Last of Us Part II and video games as a whole apparently are marketed using ultra violence unnecessarily or at least with violence that is out of context and of course another one being violence towards women in video games, because hey violence against men is totally fine! News flash! It hurts men too when hit.

So, there’s a woman doing violence against a woman in this trailer. A man doing violence against woman. And last but not least woman doing violence against a man. What was the problem again?

This is actually one of the best video game trailers ever made! It has all the mystique, grittiness and indeed violence you’d expect from the Last of Us game trailer or any game made by adults to be played by adults. One of the very few trailers I have actually watched multiple times and studied and not only because of this controversy it caused.

It doesn’t matter if the trailer gives you the context for the violence or not, that’s how the developers intended it, to not give you any context and it’s called marketing and it’s brilliant, not for the reasons though these journos make it be.

The First The Last of Us Part II trailer didn’t do much for me but this one woke my interest to whole new level towards the game. I’m one of those who think the first game was a bit overrated, especially the original PS3 version didn’t play that well. Yes, there’s actually gameplay critique to be had when talking about video games, these are not movies. My only problem with this trailer is that Naughty Dog has no idea how a woman looks in real life but that’s another story for another day. I blame SJWs and feminazis.

At the end, I’m glad Sony and Naughty Dog stood up and actually defended their decision to show a trailer like this and not starting to make apologies when there’s nothing to apologize. My advice to you game journalists who have tendencies to SJW behavior and being male feminists (like that’ll get you laid), if you don’t like what you are seeing, don’t play it! Don’t watch the next trailer! I hope it’s going to be even more violent, maybe even have rape in it, just to annoy you fucking pussies! As Naughty Dog themselves said and I quote: A game made by adults to be played by adults and Sony executive Jim Ryan said: Sony provides the platform, developers provide the content. Deal with it! It’s not rainbows, dancing flowers and smiling clouds. There’s game for you too if that’s what you want. I wrote about it like last week.

I have to mention this at the end that I don’t condone any kind of violence towards anybody, anywhere, ever in the real world. This is just a video game, entertainment just like a book, a movie etc. Remember that!


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  1. The game is rated for adults, yet ‘adults’ are the only ones complaining about its themes and depiction of brutality.


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