What’s Up With These Loot-boxes?

Notice this article was originally written a month ago 3.8.2017. So, I talk about upcoming things that are already gone as of now but my opinion still stands. I just got never around to finish this article until now.

First I want to say that I love Overwatch, I will love the upcoming LawBreakers based on fun factor I had playing the open beta past weekend. These two games have a lot in common in both good and bad and bad obviously is both games have fucking loot-boxes.

Yeah, didn’t get this Widowmaker Summer Games 2017 skin, it costs 3000 of those Overwatch Blizzard coin thingies. To those who don’t know, 3000 is a lot.

There’s nothing wrong in the loot-boxes per se but when they are completely random, things are starting to get a little bit annoying. I have played Overwatch like couple dozen hours or something like that and I have got some skins for some characters sure but the problem is that they are for the characters I literally never use. One of my favorites is D.Va and still haven’t got a single skin for her from the loot-boxes and that is just one example. Actually, I haven’t got shit for my favorite characters and that fucking sucks and you expect us to buy these boxes? When they are a complete lottery, I rather waste that money for my real local weekly lottery where I actually have a chance to win millions of euros real money.

I’m also annoyed I didn’t get the chance to get last summer’s Summer Games skins, any of them because I didn’t have very much time to play the game last summer. Fortunately, they are bringing them back next week and give people the ability to buy them with in-game currency which is ridiculously hard to combine by the way without buying those boxes. What I’m trying to say is that if we could buy the skins and other things we actually want I’d buy some of those skins (especially those summer games skins) for my favorite characters. I want to know what I’m getting when using my real money for video games. The site’s name is Do Not PreOrder video games after all.

These cosmetic things are borderline fine in multiplayer games that are free to play but now they are starting to implement them in premium games like Overwatch and to mainly a single player experiences like in upcoming Shadow of War, you know what I think about that and that’s a story for another day.

Loot-boxes are bullshit and utterly disgusting money-making scheme!

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