Nintendo Hates Money!

I have been planning to write this one for some time now and finally decided to do it because I encountered another situation that proves Nintendo really hates money. The most known case at this point must be the infamous stock situation of NES Classic Edition or NES mini like lots of people like to call it even, though, it really isn’t called that (apparently in Europe it actually is called Nintendo Classic Mini). People really like it and want to get it, even if they are not gamers. They want one for the nostalgia because that’s what they played in their childhood, like me, to me it became a lifestyle and I’m still a gamer. Guess what? I don’t have one, like many others there because Nintendo hates money.

So, it was actually called Nintendo Classic Mini here in Europe, still not “NES mini”.

One could say that NES Classic Edition was only a short-term product to carry Nintendo over the Christmas time until the Switch was ready to hit the store shelves. This might be somewhat true, but like I said the markets for these two products are very different. NES Classic Edition wouldn’t eat the Switch sales or sales of those 30 classic NES games on Nintendo’s digital Virtual Console service. Sure I could have got one if I pre-ordered one as soon as they announced it, but I didn’t want to or didn’t have money to put down for it at the time. I want to walk into the store of my choice and grab one if I feel like it and walk home with it. They are in business making money, what does it matter where it comes from? From Switch, Virtual Console or NES Classic Edition? Yes, I refuse to call it “NES mini”. Just make enough stock for the people who want it god damn it! And do NOT say “buy one from eBay” or something stupid like that. Scalpers can go fuck them selves.

Another example stretches a little bit longer time period. Yeah, you guessed it, AMIIBOS! Those overpriced plastic little toys Nintendo produces. I own only two amiibos at the moment because that is not my thing, but I wanted a couple because I’m a huge Metroid fan (another thing Nintendo won’t give us that we want), so I have Zero Suit Samus and Samus amiibos. I’m also a huge Bayonetta fan and I pre-ordered Bayonetta amiibo almost two years ago, the thing I just don’t do normally but I knew I’m not going to get one otherwise and guess what? I still didn’t get one and not even talking about the other one they released (the pre-order was only for one), yes, there are two Bayonetta amiibos and I want them both but I can’t get either because, yes, you guessed it, NINTENDO HATES MONEY!

This is the only case I personally have had issues with getting amiibos but I can assure you that there are plenty of people who are on a quest to get them all and the odds are they are not going to complete it unless they are willing to pay out of the ass to the eBay scalpers.

I have one more thing to say why I think Nintendo hates money. They never lower the prices on their products whatever that being consoles or games. They just pulled unsold Wii U units from the stores instead of selling them at reduced price. Nintendo games are never on sale. You know Nintendo, that there are people who would love to buy those games at a reduced price.

I know this was a bit ranty but I’m so fed up with the behavior of Nintendo at the moment. I hate how they artificially create rarity and demand for their products instead just… selling them to people. I hate pre-ordering things and in the amiibo case, I didn’t even get one even though I did pre-order it. Oh, and another thing came up to my mind while writing this was NES Remix games, they never released those physically here in Europe, another thing I would have bought but Nintendo didn’t deliver. I would have imported them from North America but the Wii U is region locked.  Nintendo, I want to give you my money but you don’t just take it.

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