Why Does Nintendo Get a Free Pass?

Nintendo’s new console the Switch got released early March 2017 with only one “killer app” game, and that would be The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. It’s at the moment of writing this article sitting at 98/100 score on Metacritic for the Switch with 75 critic reviews and not scored for thew Wii U because there are only two critic reviews at the moment of writing this article.

The more interesting score is the user score. For the Switch version, it stands at 7.7/10 as of now with 6264 user reviews and for the Wii U at 7.2/10 with 664 user reviews. So, the critics are rating the game near perfect score while actual gamers rate it way lower. Sure there are fanboy ratings of tens and zeros but I think those balance each other out.

My question is: why does Nintendo get a free pass by the gaming media? By the so-called professional reviewers and critics? Clearly, the game itself isn’t perfect 10 material as we can see by the user’s ratings, the actual gamer’s perspective. Why games media rate it so high? Especially considering all the issues the game has. I admit I haven’t played it yet myself, but I will and I know enough about the game to tell right off the bat it just isn’t 10 out 10 game. The game’s frame-rate alone not being 60 fps, in my opinion, should be taken into consideration when reviewing the game, let alone the poor frame-rate of this game that can’t even hit its target of 30 fps very often. So, the game has some real serious technical problems but still, these so-called professional reviewers and critics slapped that 10/10 score for it. Why?

I believe it’s just blinding nostalgia goggles that most of these reviewers and critics have, they grew up playing the Nintendo Entertainment System or NES and love whatever shit Nintendo gives them. I can guarantee you that if the game’s name wasn’t The Legend of Zelda this game wouldn’t have been rated as nearly as highly by the critics! Don’t get me wrong, though. The game can be amazing and it probably is but with all the issues it has it sure ain’t 10/10 game. You can see how badly the game performs on the Switch and Wii U on the Digital Foundry’s video analysis of the game.

I’ll be honest, I don’t like the feeling of playing games that run only 30 frames per second, the game itself can be great of course but that decision made by the developer hinders the actual gameplay experience of a VIDEO GAME, the most important thing. If more people, especially so-called professional reviewers and critics took this into consideration when rating the games, maybe we would get better running games in the future when these companies started to see their games rated down because of poor performance. In some cases they do if the frame-rate dips from the target frame-rate of 30 enough but not here because the company is their beloved Nintendo and title on the box says The Legend of Zelda.

They must have…

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