Is Microsoft Stepping Out From Console Market?

It was the rough year 2016 for Microsoft’s console business. They have been canceling games left and right and now first thing in 2017 they do is they cancel probably the biggest and most anticipated Xbox One game of 2017 the Platinum Games developed Scalebound.


Scalebound was the most anticipated Xbox One exclusive game of the year 2017. Now we have one reason less to buy the Xbox One or the upcoming Project Scorpio, the beefed up version of the console.


Are they expecting anyone to actually buy the Xbox One anymore? I know they are coming out with the Project Scorpio, the beefed up Xbox One at the end of this year, but that is not going to do much for them if they don’t have any games. There are more triple-A PS4 exclusives coming out at the moment I can’t even afford to buy all of them day one.

To me, the problem with Xbox brand has always been that there are no games I want to play. I’m not interested in Halo or Gears of War and never have been. I kind of like Forza, especially the Horizon spin-off series, but now I can play that on my PC, on the platform I prefer to play video games on and this one franchise has never been enough for me to buy a console.

So, they have no games, they cancel the few that was supposed come out and very few they have left are available on PC platform as well. Why should I go and buy an Xbox One or the upcoming Project Scorpio? I don’t care how much more powerful it is if I can play Forza Horizon (only Microsoft franchise I really want to play) on my PC, which even more powerful. Yes, I can play Forza Horizon 3 on my PC at 4K 60 fps with my DualShock 4 (controller I prefer) or with my wheel controller that is not supported on Xbox One. Why would I want to play it on Project Scorpio instead when my PC does it better and gives me more options?

I can’t see this behavior any other way than that Microsoft really is stepping away from the traditional gaming console business model and is moving the Xbox to become a gaming brand instead of the hardware platform and I think there’s nothing wrong with that. I get to play “Xbox games” on my PC, even though I think they should be available elsewhere, like Steam, GoG etc. instead of only being on Microsoft’s own shitty ass store.

I wouldn’t mind if Sony or even Nintendo did this too. I’d love to play some PS4 exclusive games at 60 fps instead of 30 fps, like Uncharted 4 for example. Higher framerate just feels better to play. Valve, EA, Ubisoft, and Microsoft have their own storefronts on PC, why not Sony and Nintendo? If the only way is to buy the games from their marketplaces, so be it (even though I’d prefer to choose where to buy), Microsoft is doing it right now with Xbox brand. Why not bring PlayStation brand to the wider audience? I’d buy PlayStation games to PC to run them better. Just a thought, and probably will never happen, PS4 is killing it now.

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