Cindy In Final Fantasy XV Is NOT Sexist Just Because You Say So!

Meet Cindy, your car mechanic in Final Fantasy XV!

I know this has basically nothing do with pre-ordering video games, but this site is about all the things wrong in the video games industry and this sure is one of them. Mostly because this influences the development of video games by people who don’t buy them and who don’t play them and that’s what pisses me off!

So, Final Fantasy XV has released a couple weeks ago and internet went nuts because they actually decided to keep Cindy in the game and the way she dresses. Cindy is one of the supporting characters in the game and car mechanic to fix our male only party of heroes’ car. You can see a picture of her on your left or above if you are on mobile.

As you might have guessed the internet feminazis and SJW groups raised their pitchforks because of this. Saying she isn’t either depiction of a realistic woman and/or nobody dresses like this in real life. Which we sane people know are both wrong.

First, I can confidently say that women who look like that can be found in real life. I actually chose to show you pictures of real women who have dressed up like Cindy in the game. See below and make your own mind.

Second, as you can see clearly people dress like that in real life. Sure it’s cosplay of the character in question, but I can sure you there are women in the real world who dresses very suggestively.

So, we got that out the way let’s take a look why these insane people from these radical groups, better known as feminazis and SJWs spout this bullshit from their mouths.

It’s pretty simple really. Cindy is an attractive woman or depiction or an attractive woman, a woman, that men would like to be with. So, they fight against it and try to twist the minds of men in the way that they are just as good as women as those more attractive ones and don’t get me wrong as human beings they probably are (not them, but less attractive men or women in general) and in many cases (based on experience) the less attractive women actually are nicer people, but it doesn’t change the way human nature works. Men are attracted to beautiful women with assets by nature and there’s nothing wrong that. Just like women are attracted to handsome taller men. We can’t change that.

Why video games should just have ugly women in them? What about men? This game has a guy (I don’t know his name and I don’t care) who’s six pack abs are showing off, all the time! And he is not even some dude you see once in the game, he follows you everywhere you go with those ripped ass abs!

So, yeah I say “so” a lot, deal with it. So, if I practice the same logic as our feminazi and SJW cunt friends here I’d say I don’t have abs like that, I’m not that tall or handsome. He is not a realistic depiction of a man. But after a quick internet search, clearly, you can see there are men with abs like that in the real world. So, why the double standard? Why it’s sexist when the games have sexy women in them, but sexy men are okay? I tell you why.

These groups of people (feminazis and SJWs) are trying sway men to think that you don’t need an attractive woman or that inner beauty is what you really want (and that might be the case end of the day) and that’s mostly because they want to have the best-looking men to themselves (nobody wants short, bald fat man), but they can’t because there are more attractive women out there than they are, so they are trying to lower the standards men have. This ultimately would lead to the scenario where the most unfortunate men didn’t get any, well this is the reality now already, but it would be even more so.

Stop it! Everybody like attractive women, deal with it! Even women like attractive women, because they want to be just like them and that’s what they see on the covers of women’s magazines and on TV and now on the internet. Men like attractive women for obvious reasons.

Last but not least. Why video games and why not movies? Last time I watched a movie, there were only attractive actors in it. Men and women. Why don’t you cunts go after other media too? Why just video games? It’s easy to hate what you don’t understand I guess.

My concern here when it comes actually to the video games is that this overly political correctness or that the media is forcing games companies to be politically correct with everything they do chokes and kills the creativity, the thing we need in the games industry the most at the moment.

I have been ranting this enough already so I end it here. I wouldn’t want to talk about this topic, but I felt I had to.

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  1. Miksi Cindyn pitäisi olla seksikäs? Siksi jotta voit ostaa pelin jossa on seksikäitä naisia, koska muuten se on huono? On siulla oudot ajatukset hyvästä pelistä.


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