Do SJWs And Feminazis Influence Mass Effect: Andromeda?

I just finished watching the new Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay trailer they released yesterday and the one thing I noticed is that this game continues to not to have attractive females in it.

Apparently, I’m not alone with this opinion because one the top three comments on that video was about this or just having a female only crew, which isn’t completely true because you can also play as the male protagonist if you want, but portraying only unattractive females stays true.

Let’s be real here. We all know, at least all the sane people, why this is. Bioware clearly is influenced by the feminazis and SJWs (Social Justice Warriors). I use the word feminazi because they aren’t just normal sane feminists with good intentions, they are something else, something way worse.

The problem with this is that these people aren’t their target audience for the game. Bioware decided to cater for the people who won’t buy their game. Bioware and EA should rethink this hard, who to cater here, to us gamers who actually buys and plays their game or SJWs and feminazis who won’t play and/or buy their game. Bioware and EA have to remember where’s the money is coming from. It’s coming from us, the gamers. Not from these fucking cunts who they are clearly influenced by.

I don’t recall seeing a one single attractive female in this game based on the released material of it. The other galaxy in the original Mass Effect trilogy had attractive females, plenty of them. What happened here? And if we really want to be equal about this I really have to ask: Where are all the unattractive men? Where are the short fat bald men?

Our wish having attractive women in video games isn’t sexist. All attractive females aren’t automatically sex-objects. It’s natural human trait to gravitate towards the attractive individuals of opposite sex. Why don’t men have this privilege? Sexism works both ways, for your information. Either, have attractive women or also have unattractive men!

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