EA Is At Again! Need For Speed Reboot Is Always Online!

nfs_rebootOh boy, this is getting better and better all the time. Electronic Arts have announced that Need For Speed reboot will be always online game. Here’s the tweet:

EA didn’t learn anything from SimCity 2013 fiasco? SimCity’s always online practically killed off Maxis. There is countless list of games that has proven that always online doesn’t work. Pirates will pirate the game anyway and probably even will have a better experience than paying customers.

As always vote with your wallet! Don’t pre-order this game. Better yet don’t even buy this game. Of course, you are free to do what ever you want with your money but think about. This shit never stops until they are starting to feel it in their wallets.

They claim “the benefits are nice”, yeah right. I can imagine the enjoyment in the game ruined by a bunch of 12-year-old kids ramming and bumping everybody and all the time. Can’t even wait to replay this and that just, because my connection lost for a minute. Not even talking about the server issues yet that will occur on the launch of the game. Couple years in (max) they will shut down the servers and make way to the new game. I could continue on forever why always online is a disastrous form of DRM, but I’ll leave it here. See you in next time, bye.

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