Season Pass Pricing Is Getting Out of Hand!

Okay as I promised this article is about season passes in games and how they are getting more expensive all the time. There was two season passes with outrageous price announced not long while ago. First one being Call of Duty: Black Ops III season pass and other one being Batman: Arkham Knight season pass.

100€ Call of Duty game… ON PC!

cod_blops3Let’s check out Black Ops III first. The season pass for this game costs 49,99€ (bear in my I’m in Europe and my prices are in Euros). So not very cheap, isn’t it? Let’s see what we get for our precious euros. I quote directly from the Steam store page:

“About this content: The Call of Duty: Black Ops III Season Pass is your access to four exciting DLC packs. Game sold separately.”

So they are telling me with a straight face that I somehow should pay 49,99 euros in advance to get “four exciting DLC packs”. How on earth do they know what’s exciting for me? I can tell you this much I don’t find map packs that exciting! And I’m pretty sure these will just be the four map packs that every Call of Duty game gets after it’s first released.

The base game costs 59,99€, outrageous price for a PC game, because we don’t pay licensing fees to a console manufacturer so it should be cheaper, this is just Activision being greedy dicks and let’s not forget this is just a digital product we are talking about here. No disc manufacturing cost, no disc art printing cost, no manual printing cost (like that’s in even in console games anymore, because we have no printed manuals anymore), no cover art printing cost, no shipping cost, no retailers cut. 59,99 euros for digital no resale value PC game is outrageous.

Then there’s DIGITAL DELUXE edition of the game which includes both the base game and the season pass, buying this you apparently save up 10 euros, which is nice for sure, but still, you are paying approx 100€ for a full game. That’s what Activision wants you to pay for the full experience. 100€ for a digital no resale value PC game! Wow. I have to lie down.

Batman: Arkham Knight tidididid, 80,90€ with 10% discount… IF YOU PRE-ORDER

batman_arkham_steamBatman: Arkham Knight is a bit more reasonable priced than Black Ops III but still overpriced. The base game costs 49,99€ which fine for an AAA digital PC release even though 39,99€ would be an actual correct price for something that you cannot resell after you are done.

You can buy PREMIUM edition that includes the upcoming and inevitable season pass with the nice discount price of 80,90€. That’s pretty sweet deal yes? Considering if you buy the season pass for this game after the release, like you should buy the game anyway, after the release, after reading/watching reviews and opinions about the game, right? So if you don’t pay up in advance without knowing what you are buying, the season pass will hurt you approx 40 euros! 40 FUCKING EUROS FOR SEASON PASS! So it’s 90€ game (near or over 100€ on a console, because of manufacturer’s cut), just like the publisher, in this case, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment wants it to be.

For the last thing let’s see what you actually get for your forty. At least they give you a courtesy of having little bit more detail about what you are buying than “EXCITING DLC”. You’ll get and I quote again from the Steam store page

“This season pass for Batman: Arkham Knight delivers new content every month for 6 months, featuring new story missions, more supervillains invading Gotham City, new legendary Batmobiles, advanced challenge maps, alternative character skins, and new drivable race tracks”.

So basically nothing special, all this stuff would be in the game anyway, they just decide to charge nearly 100 euros for the game. Simple as that. It’s better than Call of Duty’s four map packs for sure, well at least in my opinion, but this stuff would be in the game anyway.

I’m not even going to even start with pre-order bonuses in this article, let’s save it for another day. All I can say is, do NOT pre-order, do NOT buy a season pass and do NOT buy DLC, of course, you do what you want with your hard earned cash, but think about it. It’s the only way to stop this bullshit. Stay tuned for more articles like this.

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