Exclusivity In PC Gaming Is Bullshit

[This article was written three weeks ago but I haven't got around to post it for reasons but here it is now] We all know that the console gaming business model is more or less having must-have games only on your platform to drive platform sales. This is considered to be OK by most gamers.... Continue Reading →

Developers fake HDR in games!

Another day, another bullshit is happening in the video games industry! HDR or High Dynamic Range is kind of new thing in audio video market at the moment and of course, it has landed to the land video and computer (which are all the same in my books) games as well. What is HDR? Well,... Continue Reading →

What Happened to Bethesda?

Long time no sees, I apologize! Let's get to it. So, Bethesda has made a little mess for themselves in the past couple of weeks with their latest installment of beloved Fallout franchise Fallout 76! The online and multiplayer only incarnation of the popular video game series. Even though the game itself is sub-par in... Continue Reading →

Konami Is Now Selling You Save Slots #FucKonami

Konami.Oh Konami, you done fucked it up! Who would have guessed?! So, what I'm ranting about this time? It's simple really, Konami is now charging you money for basic functionality in their latest game that carries no other name than very beloved Metal Gear. I'm not going into the backstory of Hideo Kojima and Konami... Continue Reading →

The Frame-rate Issues

Okay, it is time. Time to touch this very delicate subject again, the frame-rates of video games and why it matters so much. And I would answer just because Nintendo announced the Bayonetta 3 in The Game Awards 2017 and I really want to talk about Bayonetta games' frame-rates because they are prime example exceptionally great... Continue Reading →

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