Let’s Talk About Battlefield V – It Had To Happen

Where do I even start with this one! Well, I start from the beginning. I was somewhat interested to make comeback to the Battlefield game this time because they are going back to the World War II setting. Yes, I was sick and tired of WWII games too back in the day but it's a... Continue Reading →


Konami Is Now Selling You Save Slots #FucKonami

Konami.Oh Konami, you done fucked it up! Who would have guessed?! So, what I'm ranting about this time? It's simple really, Konami is now charging you money for basic functionality in their latest game that carries no other name than very beloved Metal Gear. I'm not going into the backstory of Hideo Kojima and Konami... Continue Reading →

The Frame-rate Issues

Okay, it is time. Time to touch this very delicate subject again, the frame-rates of video games and why it matters so much. And I would answer just because Nintendo announced the Bayonetta 3 in The Game Awards 2017 and I really want to talk about Bayonetta games' frame-rates because they are prime example exceptionally great... Continue Reading →

What’s Up With These Loot-boxes?

Notice this article was originally written a month ago 3.8.2017. So, I talk about upcoming things that are already gone as of now but my opinion still stands. I just got never around to finish this article until now. First I want to say that I love Overwatch, I will love the upcoming LawBreakers based on... Continue Reading →

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